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A Letter from Community Works

Thank you again for the gift of $5288.34 from the sales of Safe House. It could not have come at a better time. The events of September 11, the economy, and local issues have made fundraising more difficult than usual. Our programs for abused kids and battered women will be greatly aided by this gift. United Way just announced an across the board 10% cut; this gift will go a long way towards making up that difference.

Since we spoke what seems like years ago we've added a new component to our residential program: A candle-making factory. We also are in the process of building a recording studio, which might be more to your interest. If you're ever traveling down I-5 please give me a call so I can show you some of the work we do first hand.

Thank you very much,

Arnie Green
Executive Director

Donations to the Community Works organization can be sent to:

Community Works
900 East Main
Medford OR 97504
Phone: 541-779-2393

For more information, visit


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