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The Bar Feeders
Trey, Cecil, Jimmy, and Scott

Anger is a fuel, and like all fuels, it's combustible. But channeled properly, it's a tool to get you where you want to go. And that's just what The Bar Feeders have done to earn our respect.

This award-winning punk rock band—led by Trey Bundy—have taken the anger that fuels their music and applied it to the fight against the incest-exception laws that threaten children in 35 states. They've told their fans to support PROTECT, the political lobby that leads the fight against these laws; and they've put their pocketbooks where their mouths are by hosting fundraisers for PROTECT.

The Zero sends its respect to Trey, Cecil, Jimmy, and Scott for being stand-up guys. If you're into punk, check them out at

And if you want proof that Trey is hardcore in more than just music, read his article here.


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