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Congratulations Clyde Lewis!

1996: Congratulations to Salt Lake City radio personality Clyde Lewis, for the highest weekend ratings of any radio show in Salt Lake City, and still growing.

DONT! BUY! THAI! has ended. Please click here for an update.

Proving what we already knew about his talent at keeping them tuned in, Clyde's tireless long time support of the Don't! Buy! Thai! boycott has helped to get the word on the streets of Salt Lake City and beyond.

Clyde has produced several Don't! Buy! Thai! radio interview shows and PSA (Public Service Announcements) commercials since January 1996. His latest Don't! Buy! Thai! show was Sunday night May 4th at 10pm Mtn time with Lisa Rana, Esq. and Lou Bank of Dark Horse Comics.

Tune in at KBER FM–101.1 every Sunday night 10pm Mtn time. We understand that CLYDE LEWIS' Ground Zero show will soon to be a national syndicated show, so stay tuned.

Clyde Lewis also hosted another Don't! Buy! Thai! Concert, Friday, May 9th with stand–up comic Dean Evans, blues musician Rick Ortega and Dark Horse Comics VP Lou Bank.

Almost 150 new Don't! Buy! Thai! petition signatures were collected that night thanks to Clyde's efforts!

Way to go Clyde!


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