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Pain Management T-Shirts and more!

Angelique shows off the front of the Pain Management T-shirt Angelique shows off the back of the Pain Management T-shirt Angelique shows off the Pain Management sweatshirt
The beautiful Angelique shows off her Pain Management T-shirt and sweatshirt!

If you're one of the crowd that's been asking about Pain Management T-shirts, we finally have your answer—and it includes sweatshirts, baby-doll shirts, and more. We've set up shop through, and are selling merchandise at cost, no profit to us. We're only offering those items made in the USA, which limited our options—but in reaction to the September 11th attacks, we're including a US flag on each item, and it seemed disingenuous to have such items manufactured anywhere else. No longer available.
The front graphic of the Pain Management T-Shirt
The back graphic of the Pain Management T-Shirt

For more information about Pain Management, click here.


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