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Trojan Horses
Short Stories by Andrew Vachss

Born Bad, a collection of short stories by Andrew Vachss Everybody Pays, a collection of short stories by Andrew Vachss Mortal Lock, a collection of short stories by Andrew Vachss

Some of the stories listed below have been collected in Born Bad (Vintage, 1994), Everybody Pays (Vintage, 1999), or Mortal Lock (Vintage, 2013).

Many of the stories from Born Bad have also been adapted in the Hard Looks graphic novels and other prose anthologies.

Note: this is not a complete listing.

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Short Stories are listed in alphabetical order.
* Stories also appear in the Andrew Vachss audiobook collection Proving It.

Hard Looks by Andrew Vachss, cover illustration by Geofrey Darrow - click here for more info
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Dark Horse, 2002
Comics-store edition
cover illustration by Geofrey Darrow
Hard Looks by Andrew Vachss, bookstore edition - click here for more info
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Dark Horse, 2002
Bookstore edition

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, April 1995

Anytime I Want *
Invitation to Murder (Dark Harvest), 1991

As the Crow Flies
Originally published on, November 2010

Big Sister
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, July 1999
reprinted in Crème de la Crime - Winners of the World's Top Mystery Awards (Carroll and Graf, 2000)

Blood Test
Playboy, December 2001

Mortal Lock (2013)

Born Bad
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, June 1992
reprinted in The Deadliest Games (Carroll & Graf), 1993

The New Mystery, (Dutton) 1993
reprinted in The Killing Spirit (Overlook Press), 1996

Choice of Weapons
The Strand Magazine, 2009

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, August 1989
reprinted in Kingpins (Carroll & Graf), 1992

Hardboiled Detective #10, 1990
reprinted in Gauntlet #2, 1991, and in
Tense Moments #5, 1992

Date Rape *

Dead Game *

Dead Reliable
Dark Horse Presents #10, with illustrations by Geof Darrow (2012)

Dope Fiend *

Dress-Up Day *

Drive By *
Crossroads Press (chapbook), 1993.
Contains original short story plus graphic adaptation (adapted by Joe R. Lansdale, art by Gary Gianni)
Graphic adaptation reprinted in Hard Looks (see Graphic Novels)

Dumping Ground
A Matter of Crime 186, 1988

Escort Service *
Carpe Noctem, 1999

New Crimes (Robinson Publishing, U.K.), 1989
reprinted in Dark Crimes (Carroll & Graf), 1991,
813, les amis de la litterature policire (France), December 1990, and
Hayakawa's Mystery Magazine #423, 1991

Family Resemblance
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, January 1990

Fireman * (1999)

A Flash of White
Crossroads Press (chapbook), 1993, contains original short story plus graphic adaptation (adapted by Rose Dawn Scott, art by David Lloyd).
Graphic adaptation reprinted in Hard Looks (see Graphic Novels).
Short story reprinted in The Orion Book of Murder (Orion, 1996).

Mortal Lock (2013)

Goin' Down Slow
Esquire (June, 1999)

Going Home *

Good for the Soul

Hard Looks trade paperback, with illustrations by Geof Darrow (2002)


Unusual Suspects, Vintage, 1996
reprinted in Frontier, Spring 1995

New Crimes #2 (Robinson Publishing, U.K.), 1990
reprinted in Hayakawa's Mystery Magazine #423, 1991,
and Playboy (Germany), April 1996

It's a Hard World *
A Matter of Crime Vol. 1 (HBJ), 1987.
reprinted in Hard-Boiled (Oxford University Press), 1995,
.38 Special (Ullstein Krimi), 1988,
Mysteries 90 (Librairie des Champs Elysees), 1990,
Cemetery Dance, Summer 1991,
Hayakawa's Mystery Magazine #423, 1991,
Detective Stories (Kingfisher), 1998, and
Mean Streets (KCRW Broadcast and Audio CD), performed by Kevin Tighe, 2005

Cemetery Dance #7, Winter 1991
reprinted in Hardboiled #13, 1992

Just the Ticket
Cups Magazine (1999)

Last Date *

Last Rights
Mortal Lock (2013)

Lynch Law *
Cold Blood (Ziesing), 1991

Mad Dog
The Armchair Detective, Winter 1990
reprinted in The Scream Factory #11, Spring 1993

Mission *
Hardboiled (1999)

Passage to Paradise
Andrew Vachss' twitter-feed (2009)

Perp Walk
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, December 1996
Anthology: The Cutting Edge (Carroll & Graf, 1998)

A Piece of the City
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, February 2003


Dark Horse Presents #11, with illustrations by Geof Darrow (2012)

Placebo *
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, March 1989
reprinted in Great Tales of Madness & the Macabre (Galahad Books), 1990,
Mysteries 91 (Librairie des Champs Ellyses), 1991,
Mean Streets #2 (Australia), February 1991,
Dark Horse Presents 5th Anniversary Special (graphic novel, Dark Horse), 1991,
Cemetery Dance, Fall 1991
Blood, Threat and Fears (Barnes and Noble Books, 1993)

Plan B *

Postwar Boom
L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories (2011)

The Promise
A Matter of Crime 189, 1988

Proving It * (1999)

Reaching Back
Safe House CD
reprinted in Enigmatic Tales (U.K.), Summer 1999

The Real Thing *
The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams (Del Ray), 1998

The Real World * (1999)

Searcher *
Outside (1998)

Seeding the Ground
Year of the Lizard (Black Lizard Special), 2003

Slow Motion * (1999)

Step on a Crack *

Stepping Stone

Stunt Man

Summer Girl *

Sure Thing
Esquire (January 2009)

Bare Bones Magazine (1999)

They're All Alike
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (September/October 2001)

Time Share

Treatment *
Dark at Heart (Dark Harvest), 1992
reprinted in Hardboiled (Allen & Uniwn, Australia), 1992,
Das Grosse Horror-Lesebuch II (Goldmann, Germany), 1993

True Colors *
Blue Murder Magazine #7

Unwritten Law
Ten Tales (Cahill Press), 1993

Value Received
10 Hardboiled 49, 1989

Veil's Visit (with Joe R. Lansdale)
Veil's Visit: A Taste of Hap & Leonard (1999)

White Alligator *
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, April, 1990
reprinted in The Year's Finest Crime & Mystery Stories (Carroll & Graf), 1992,
and in Diplopie #1 (France), 1992

Witch Hunt *
Borderlands 3, 1993

Word Play

Working Roots *

The Underground series:

Bum's Rush
Tunnel of Love
Bad Babies
Into the Light

  appearing in Born Bad

Charmed Life
Safe Sex
(Cyber-Psychos AOD, Summer, 1999)
The Writing on the Wall
  appearing in Everybody Pays

The Cross series:

Head Case
Mad Dog
Statute of Limitations
Stone Magic *
(Narrow Houses, Little, Brown, U.K., 1992)
Value Received
  appearing in Born Bad

Harvest Time
Pigeon Drop
(Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, September 1999)
Profile (Dark Horse Presents #13, with illustrations by Geof Darrow, 2012)
The Concrete Puppy
Two-Way Radio
(Das Magazin, Switzerland, 1996)
Everybody Pays (novella)
  appearing in Everybody Pays


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