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Art Gallery
Artists We Respect

The Zero's 10th Anniversary Gallery: Art & Animation in Celebration
Frank Caruso, Judy Ness, Geofrey Darrow, Antoinette Curtis Ledzian and Tony Fitzpatrick

Beneath These Trees

"Beneath These Trees"
Sumi-e, ink wash painting.
A Japanese style of painting done by Aonie Anfa

Down in the Z3R0

"Down in the Z3R0"
is a collaboration between Aonie Anfa and Skulls & Crossfaders

"Honey in Heaven"
This magnificent drawing was commissioned for Andrew Vachss by his dear friend, the infamous Kelly Justice, who gave up winning beauty contests (and bar-bouncing) to sell books in Richmond, Virginia.

The Wonder: Portraits of a Remembered City, Vol. 1

Check out The Wonder: Portraits of a Remembered City, Vol. 1, an amazing collection of art, by TKO Tony Fitpatrick, that the Chicago Tribune says "conjures a magical and resonant world all its own."

Honey by Antoinette Curtis Ledzian

Antoinette Curtis Ledzian shares with us an amazing pastel of Honey Pit Bull ... and an insight into how she uses art to heal and nurture.

Rescue Me  1996 Mandy McCartin

"Rescue Me," a painting by Mandy McCartin.
See more of her artwork here.

Resolution a Tapestry by Judy Ness

"Resolution," a 5'x8' Krokbragd tapestry made of wool and linen by Judy Ness.
For the full story, click here.

Chrysalis by The Mighty Geofrey Darrow

Chrysalis, one of a series of drawings by the mighty Geofrey Darrow,
made exclusively for The Zero. Thanks again, Geof!

Andrew's Nightshade by TKO Tony Fitzpatrick. 1995 Tony Fitzpatrick

"Andrew's Nightshade," an etching by TKO Tony Fitzpatrick.
©1995 Tony Fitzpatrick

Sheba Illustration by California Lawyer

an illustration of Sheba from "California Lawyer"

Arrangement of Steel Blocks by Roosevelt 10X Yamamoto  and  Andrew Vachss

To feel the feelings is sick — to act on those feelings is evil.
An arrangement of steel blocks by Roosevelt 10X Yamamoto
© and ® Andrew Vachss


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