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These are Articles & Organizations about Corporal Punishment as Child Sexual Abuse.
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"This teacher, he never had a single complaint lodged against him in thirty years. But he quit three jobs. Pretty good jobs, near as I could tell. And moved on. Nobody at any of his old jobs had a bad word to say about him. So I took a look. My kind of look: a hard one. And what all the schools he left had in common was this: each one had banned corporal punishment. You understand what I'm saying, Mr. Powell?"

"I believe so."

"Yeah? Well, let me spell it out for you, just in case. This guy was a child molester, but he never had sex with any of the kids. No, what he did was 'punish' them. That's how he got his rocks off, paddling kids. Nothing illegal about it, in some schools. And every time one of the schools changed their policy, he'd just go someplace else. Where he could have his fun."

"That's sick."

"I'm sure that's what the teachers' union would have said, if he'd ever gotten busted for what he was doing."

"You don't like teachers much, Mr. . . . Grange?"

"I like teachers fine. I don't like freaks who hide behind authority to fuck with kids. Do you?"

Pain Management (Knopf, 2001), p. 67


Indiana woman cites 'religious freedom' law after she is busted for disciplining 7-year-old son with coat hanger
" An Indiana woman accused of punishing her child with a coat hanger claims the state's religious objections law gives her the right to discipline her children according to her evangelical Christian beliefs.
Kihn Park Thaing, who is from Myanmar, was arrested in Indianapolis in February after a teacher discovered her 7-year-old son's injuries. The boy had 36 bruises and red welts."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, September 1, 2016.

Ex-dean of Queens school charged with lying about spanking conviction in substitute teaching application
A disgraced former dean of a Queens school — who was convicted of spanking four students — was charged in Nassau County on Thursday with lying about his exploits on an application for a substitute teaching gig, authorities said.
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, September 18, 2015

"Child Discipline" as Kiddie Porn
A Dispatch by Andrew Vachss, originally published on
The Zero Website, November 06, 2013

Maryland substitute teacher caught whipping middle school students with belt
" A Maryland substitute teacher caught on camera whipping middle school students with a belt has been pulled from the classroom and reported to police, officials said.
Cell phone footage shows the moment a belt–wielding instructor at Gwynn Park Middle School in Brandywine sent students shrieking and scrambling on the classroom floor to escape him."
Daily News, May 19, 2015.

ICE Chief Anthony V. Mangione Regularly Sent Child Porn, Ordered to Undergo Mental Evaluation
"Emails from the suspect account also contained additional images that displayed a sexual interest in children," reads one of the warrants. "For example, at least three of the images depicted nude children being spanked. At least five additional images depicted the nude buttocks of children."
Miami New Times, October 07, 2011

Operation Hamlet
"In one instance, a defendant requested a recording of a child so he could hear the child crying while being spanked and abused." August 9, 2002.

Child Pornography spanking fetish ring broken
Chicago Tribune, March 13, 2002

Spanking Can Be Sexual Abuse
NoSpankNet, March 13, 2002

Authorities Break Up Multistate Child Pornography Ring
Knight Ridder News Service, March 9, 2002

Uncle Found Guilty of Torturing Teen
Eugene Register Guard, February 06, 1993

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American Psychological Association: The
Case Against Spanking
750 First St., NE
Washington, DC 20002–4242
Toll–Free: (800) 374-2721
Telephone: (202) 336-5500
TDD/TTY: (202) 336-6123

Project No Spank
P.O. Box 1033
Alamo, CA 94507-7033
riak at nospank dot net

U.S. Alliance to End the Hitting of Children
333 Clipper Street
San Francisco CA 94114
Telephone: (415) 647-7265

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