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Child abuse survivors PAC targets N.Y. state senator's seat in next election
" ALBANY - A political action committee created by an upstate investor and child sex abuse survivor has its first target - state Sen. Kemp Hannon.
Gary Greenberg said his Fighting for Children PAC is endorsing Democrat Ryan Cronin's challenge to Hannon (R-Nassau County).
Greenberg said he chose to target Hannon first for his stated opposition to a bill to make it easier for child sex abuse victims to seek justice."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, June 19, 2016.

The Catholic Church fails abuse victims: Cardinal Dolan still opposes the one bill that would make a real difference
"Timothy Cardinal Dolan says he is on the side of children and an ally of survivors fighting for the passage of the Omnibus Child Victims Act, which would finally fix New York’s shameful failure to let victims of sexual abuse pursue justice in state courts. He says he supports an even stricter bill — one introduced by Sen. Andrew Lanza and Assemblyman Michael Cusick."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, October 8, 2016.

Priest who demanded homosexuals have a 'celibate life' suspended after being accused of molesting 15-year-old boy in the Bronx
" A priest who once said homosexuals had to live a “celibate life” to be good Catholics has been accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy at a Bronx church about 30 years ago.
But without a change to the statute of limitations on child sex abuse in New York, the alleged crimes committed by the man of the cloth will forever go unpunished."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, September 6, 2016.

California revokes state’s 10-year statute of limitations on rape, sex assault charges after pleas from Bill Cosby’s accusers
" California's governor signed a landmark bill Wednesday abolishing the state's 10-year statute of limitations on rape and sexual assault charges — thanks in large part to the voices of Bill Cosby's accusers.
"It's a tremendous day. I'm just so happy," accuser Beth Ferrier told the Daily News after the news broke."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, September 28, 2016.

N.Y. legislature fails to reach deal for Child Victims Act before legislative session ends
" An all-night session to wrap up up the legislative year did not lead to a last-minute miracle that advocates were hoping for.
“The survivors were thrown a tattered raft in this stormy session,” said Kathryn Robb, an advocate and sexual abuse survivor."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, June 18, 2016.

Pedophilia victims urge N.Y. to scrap statute of limitations on certain child sex abuse charges
" It wasn't until after his 33rd birthday that the crippling flashbacks began for Michael DeSantis.
The one where he's a grammar school kid, innocently riding his skateboard to the apartment of a parish priest. Once inside, he's raped by one cleric and forced to perform oral sex on another.
Or the one where a voice commands, "Give him God's love," before forcing the boy to service a third priest."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, March 29, 2016.

N.Y. law couldn't protect adopted son of accused pedophile after he revealed details
" The law couldn't protect the adopted son of an accused pedophile during eight years of sexual abuse — or after he finally revealed the details of his secret torment.
The 30-year-old victim discovered recently that his sordid tale was useless to police or prosecutors under New York State's oft-maligned statute of limitations law."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, March 28, 2016.

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